Bachelor Graduation project; Designing an informative, promotional, interactive artefact for Vopak about the RaM team, the University of Twente, and the PIRATE.
For more information you can click on the following links: Graduation paperGraduation presentationManual table.


Arbor Vitae – Tree of Life; We created a data physicalization of mammal extinction using a light up tree.
(Team of 15) (Picture credits: Robin Emmerloot)


Animated video; We had to write a story, animate it and make the soundtrack. (Team of 2)
The story is based on the childrensbook ‘klavertje koe’. You can click here for the website.


Robot Eyes; We created realistic moving eyes for the artist Leonard van Munster. (Team of 5)


GOGbot ‘Spaceship Earth’; We created an art installation of a space blob with a moving shadow inside. (Team of 5)


Sensor Ducky; We created a rubber duck that can collect and show data about depth and temperature of water. (Team of 3)