Animated Narration; Learning to tell an animated data story


Documentary Practice; Learning to make a documentary. This also teaches filming techniques, storytelling, sound design, etc.


Sketching for CreaTe; Learning to 3D sketch


Interactive Visualisation; Learning to 3D model using Blender


Data visualization; Learning to make a clear data visualization.

Click here to view the interactive Tableau website.


Responsibilities; Learning about pattents, ethics, copyright, etc.

Click here to view the end assignment; making a kickstarter page. (Team of 2)


Sound Engineering; Learning to mix, record en remix sound

This is what I made for the end assignment. It’s a remix of the song Caught Up. For the original song click here


Designing in Context; Learning to design a product


Human Factors; Learning to make a User Interface and test it
The end assigment was designing the interface of an app. (Team of 3)


Programming; Learning to program with c++
The end assignment was to use flocking, pointers and more. The picture below was projected on a dark surface. Using a laserpointer and a webcame the lantern would follow your laserpointer and the fireflies would follow the lantern.
(Team of 2)


Web Technology; Learning to make a web page

Click here for my worst webpage (the challenge is to find 4 subpages)