Project ‘Mens Product Relaties’ (or human product relations); Creating a piece of street furniture that is interactive. (Individual)

Because of the UT’s ‘High Tech Human Touch’ the tables have a touchscreen that show a ripple effect when interacted with. The design of the table is based on the UT-huisstijl’s red and black circles, which are visible in the poster at the top right corner.


Subject ‘Technisch Product modelleren 2’ (or technical product modeling 2); Learning to model, scale, animate, and do calculations in solidworks.

First I followed technical product modeling 1, which is mostly technical drawing on paper, and this subject was a follow up for that.
The final assignment was making a scalable dollhouse. (Group of 2)
We made all the furniture ourselves, the textures are either from solidworks or found on the internet.


Project ‘Product Markt Relaties’ (or product market relations); Designing a bathroom partition for IKEA.
Out of 32 project groups, we came in as the third best project.

(Group of 3 Management Engineering, 3 Mechanical Engineering, and 3 Industrial Design students of which I was one)

Click here for the final report.